The last rule changes were in 2013, when three (3) amendments were made (highlighted in italic/bold).


  • The league philosophy is having fun, therefore, when disagreements of any sort surface, remember that our league is not competitive nor do we or ever will play in the major leagues.
  • Both teams must bring a copy of the rules to the diamond.
  • These rules apply to all regular season and tournament games, except where explicitly noted.
  • All other rules are standard baseball rules.
  • Games should be limited to 65 minutes, unless there are no other games afterward. Games reaching 75 minutes will be called and see the score revert to that of the end of the previous complete inning.



  • A “player” is defined as someone who has paid the league fee and submitted a waiver (copy must be on file with league organizers) within the time allotted.
  • A “replacement player” is someone who is replacing a “player” whose injury or circumstance is such that they cannot complete the season. The replacement pays the injured player an agreed amount then signs and submits a waiver to the league (copy must be on file with league organizers). As a courtesy, this is typically done with prior approval of the convenor.
  • A “team” must have a minimum of 14 players.
  • Captains reserve the right to eject any abusive player(s) from a game.
  • For safety reason, jewellery should not be worn, and no alcohol or drugs are allowed at the park.



  • No metal cleats.
  • No wooden bats.
  • Home team must supply a new Hot Dot ball per game.
  • Home team must supply bases or forfeit home team for that game.



  • There should be 60 feet between all bases. There are marking on the fences to help align the bases.
  • At diamonds where there is a fence, any ball that either rolls under the outfield fence or bounces over the fence, without ever being touched by a fielding player, is a ground rule double - all players advance two bases. If the ball is touched before going out of the outfield, the ball is playable and there is no limit on base advancing. If the ball is irretrievable, then the play is stopped.
  • If a ball in play rolls under the backstop or infield fence on a throw, then the ball is dead and runners return to the last base touched.
  • Any other ground rules will depend on the weather and other last minute annoyances, and will be discussed among captains prior to the game.



  • Three pitches only. Pitcher pitches to own team. Third pitch foul, batter is out.
  • If a batted ball hits the pitcher, the ball is dead and the pitch does not count.
  • No ball can be returned to the pitcher until the play has ended.
  • A player may only pitch without fielding and batting (but cannot only pitch and bat).



  • A player must play the field in order to bat.
  • Batting order: Must alternate male-female or female-male. Two members of the same gender cannot bat back to back.
  • No bunting is allowed. The ball does not have to go past the pitcher as long as a full swing is attempted. The batter will be called out for intentionally bunting the ball.



  • No stealing, sliding or leading off before the batter makes contact with the ball. These will result in the runner being called out. There will be no warning issued. “Sliding” is defined as “Any part of the body other than the feet touching the ground.”
  • A commitment line will be placed perpendicular to the third base line, 15 feet from home plate. Once a runner crosses this line, he/she must continue towards home.
  • The first base line will be extended through home plate. This will be done to avoid collisions at home plate. To be safe, the runner need only cross this line with a foot on the ground before the ball is caught by the catcher. If the runner touches home plate under any circumstances, he/she is out. The catcher is not allowed to touch the runner. The catcher only needs to have their foot on home plate.
  • Runner takes free base if he/she accidentally collides with a player who is not involved in the play. Note that the runner will be called out in cases where a collision occurs while fielding player is trying to make a play for the ball. It is the runner's responsibility to avoid collisions.
  • There must be a safety bag at first base, with the orange bag on the outside and the white towards the infield. Runner is out of play and cannot be tagged out if they touch the outside base. Runners are still in play if they touch the inside bag when crossing first base.
  • A substitute runner must be of the same gender as the player to a maximum of 3 courtesies per gender, per game. The substitute cannot be the same person (i.e. Players may only substitute once during any given game). The team using substitute must announce to opposing team their intention to use a runner. The batter must reach 1st base safely before a runner can be substituted.


  • The defensive team must have a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 10 fielders. Minimum of 3 females. Minimum of 3 males. Maximum of 5 males. A team short of players get 10 minutes' grace, and then take the loss.
  • A player must be in the batting order to play the field (with the exception of pitcher).
  • Any pop-up caught behind home plate is out. There is no height restriction.
  • Outfielders, including rovers must give adequate distance from infield and are not allowed on the infield until ball is hit. Home teams can adjust this rule at diamonds where the infield is very large.
  • “Ground Rules Single” - Outfielders (exclusive of Rovers) are not allowed to throw out the batter at 1st Base. If play advances more than one base, a play can then be made by any fielder to any base including if the player attempts to return to 1st.
  • Infielders are not allowed to step across the base lines until the ball is hit.
  • Dead ball rule: If a fly ball is caught out of bounds this is a dead ball. Out of bound area will be determined by the captains at the beginning of each game.



  • Both captains make decision whether a game is played or not. If opposite team does not want to play the game then the League Convenor must be called to decide the outcome.
  • Maximum of 7 runs per inning, except for the final inning.
  • Only 2 home runs allowed per team during the game. If the ball is hit over the fence and the home runs have been exhausted then the ball is an automatic out. Play is dead.
  • 5 complete innings counts as a game in case of environmental elements.
  • The mercy rule can apply if a team is leading by 12 runs at the end of 5 innings. It is the losing team's responsibility to call the game complete. Since this is a fun league, certain "fun" rule changes and/or player swaps may be made for the purpose of playing out the balance of innings. Again, this is at the sole discretion of the losing team to approach the winning Captain.
  • Win or lose, every Captain is required to email game results to results (at) within 72 hours (end of day Monday). This task may be delegated to other members of the team as deemed necessary, however, Captains retain full responsibility to ensure the results have been submitted.


10.1  Regular Season

  • Safe/Out: The Pitcher shall make all Safe/Out calls as they are in the best position to view plays at 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Home, as well as Commitment Line violations. Please ensure that the pitcher is capable of making calls in a positive and decisive manner.
  • Fair/Foul: The Catcher makes all the Fair/Foul calls as they are best suited to view the line of sight. Catchers must make every effort to line themselves up with Home & 1st or Home & 3rd for balls hit down the 1st and 3rd base lines respectively; and should be instructed to shout the call clearly and decisively.
  • Leading: Signalling leading off violations is the responsibility of the defending team (i.e. the team in the field) with confirmation from the 1st and/or 3rd Base Coach.
  • Appeals are the sole responsibility of the Team Captains.
  • The league philosophy is having fun, therefore, when disagreements of any sort surface, remember that our league is not competitive nor are we or ever will play in the major leagues.

10.2  Tournaments

  • Regular season rules apply to all games up to the semi-finals and final games.
  • For semis and finals, two umpires shall be designated for each game; one at home plate, the other roving beyond the infield. Umpires from the "A" Division shall be assigned to "B" Division games and the opposite for "A" Division games. All Safe/Out, Fair/Foul, Leading off, or any other call will be the sole responsibility of the umpires.



  • Captains must declare the use of subs prior the start of the game.
  • "A" division teams can acquire subs from any league team without restrictions.
  • "B" division teams can only acquire subs from other "B" division teams. In the event that a team falls below 3 male/female players and no "B" division players are available, only then can the team supplement with, at most, one "A" division male/female player.



  • Each tournament shall have various tasks, schedules and responsibilities divided amongst the teams. It is mandatory for teams to take charge and perform their task(s) to the best of their ability. Maintaining this shared approach fosters a community attitude that can only benefit the league, the tournament, and your own personal experience.
  • Sign-up sheets will be available for players to volunteer to sub on any team and specify which times they are available. This will not only assist captains that have lost players, but will give those thirsty for more play an opportunity to extend their day of fun.


“Winning smiles counts more than winning games.”





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